Alejandro Rovira is a graphic designer with a background in marketing and business. Holding an MFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). His practice explores the crossroads of branding, visual systems, and typography.

Based in Brooklyn, NY
From Miami, FL  

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MmMm Rice Pudding Ice Cream

Scope for this project included naming, messaging, visual identity system, logo mark, website and development of ice cream pint packaging for its starting lineup of 5 flavors.

Expressive and universal, this brand of Rice Pudding Ice Cream is all about letting your taste buds do the talking. MmMm — the sound associated with savoring something delicious — is well-known as an involuntary expression of delight. This natural response transcends language barriers and serves as a universal indicator of enjoyment.        

With its roots in many global cuisines — a version of rice pudding can be found across cultures. By utilizing this positive and playful onomatopoeia for a name we highlight an expression of joy we can all understand.

Creative Director
Hannah Hillier

Alejandro Rovira

Yoonjung Cho

Project Manager(s)
Diana Rosales

︎ Visual Identity, Packaging, Website, Naming, Messaging